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The destruction on the Mainland of Abaco is beyond anything we could have imagined. While the outer cays and communities are getting much needed assistance Marsh Harbour is becoming "old news".  This is unfortunate because only now are families considering coming back home to Marsh Harbour only to find that what they left behind is in ruins. Over 80% of homes are beyond rebuilding and the balance are severely damaged. 


The Situation

It has been nearly 3 months since the destructive winds and water of Hurricane Dorian made landfall in Marsh Harbour and pounded on us  for almost 3 days. Horrific stories of survival and loss haunt those who were present. Homes and businesses were destroyed, many are homeless and unemployed, the landscape was forever altered and there is still no municipal power and water on most of the island. Abaconians have fled to other islands and countries without their personal items and their pets.

The Government of the Bahamas has been slow to help the people of Abaco.Our Island Families  are strong and this situation has strengthened the spirit of the people who call Marsh Harbour home.